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Q:  We only have a few vehicles in our fleet will you still service us?

A:  Yes, Mobilube Fleet services both small and even the largest of fleets.


Q: We have a mixture of small vehicles, large diesel trucks, and utility equipment like a tree chipper are you able to service us?

A:  Yes Mobilube Fleet services gas vehicles, diesel vehicles and utility equipment large and small.


Q:  Our fleet of vehicles is only idle on the weekends?

A:  We service customers at anytime in the day, evening, nights, and weekends.


Q:  Our fleet of vehicles are parked in a remote area with no electricity or water nearby?

A:  Not a problem!  Our self-contained service vehicles have their own generator so we service your vehicles properly.


Q:  How often do you come to service us?

A:  As often as you would like.  We have some customers we only service twice a year and some several times a month depending on how much the company uses their vehicles.


Q:  How do you determine what services to perform when you arrive?

A:  Our services are based on mileage.  We service your vehicles based on the amount of mileage on the vehicle since last fluid change at a mileage rate determined by the customer so there are no surprises.



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